What is air conditioning maintenance?

When air conditioner is going to install, we must bear in mind that throughout its useful life it is highly recommended to carry out maintenance on it. In this way, we guarantee that the equipment is properly working. We improve its performance and avoid the appearance of possible breakdowns.

How do I maintain the air conditioning?

Before starting with the maintenance of our air conditioning, in the event that we suspect that the equipment is not working correctly, we recommend contacting an air conditioning professional to supervise the installation and verify the performance of the device, that no elements are found clogging outlets, or refrigerant leaks, etc.

The indoor unit of the air conditioner requires a simple maintenance that can be make it by the user. On the one hand, we must periodically clean the air conditioning filters and, on the other, clean the drain. In this way, to prevent dirt from accumulating inside the indoor unit, which causes the performance of the equipment to drop, leads to higher energy consumption, and may even cause failures or totally breakdown.

General cleaning of the indoor unit

To guarantee its correct function, to avoid the proliferation of bacteria, and to maintain the equipment´s aesthetics; it is advisable to carry out a superficial cleaning of the indoor unit, using the appropriate products (non-abrasive).

Outdoor unit maintenance

The outdoor unit contains some of the main technical components of air conditioning: compressor, exchanger, refrigerant … It is convenient to check and clean the outdoor units on a regular basis so that there is no accumulation of dirt and ensure that no external agent is obstructing the air passage or the fan grilles.

In case the outdoor unit hangs from the facade, it is very important to check the condition of the equipment supports to avoid accidents.

Always trust the guarantee, a professional technician will be who checks and carries out the maintenance of your equipment or air conditioning systems, this is the way you will obtain a better energy performance and extend its useful life.