Products and services with zero environmental impact.

At “Flores Organización”, we care about our environment and the impact that we generate in the world by consuming its natural resources.

A few years ago, we created a division within the company that we call Green Energy where we are dedicated to offering products and services with zero environmental impact such as solar panels, solar hot water tanks, solar water pumps, solar lighting, etc.

We understand that the use of renewable energies is an act of social responsibility and an investment in which we accompany you to choose the best option for your project, whether for home, commercial or industrial use.

We understand that the use of the most powerful and inexhaustible source of energy in the universe such as the sun is the future.

We want to achieve a sustainable world, which is why we are also embarking on an ambitious project to achieve our own product to clean the air of CO2, which we call “metal tree”.

We are in an advanced stage on this project and we hope to present it to the world soon.