• Electric

    We carry out high, low and medium voltage electrical engineering works.

  • Safe,
    Clean &

    Photovoltaic solar energy is your best option.

Since 1992 providing solutions.

Flores Organización is a purely San Juan company that since 1992 is dedicated to the project, calculation and execution of high, low and medium voltage electrical engineering works, as well as everything related to thermomechanical installations.


Protect your Family.
Make your home a safe place for the well-being of your family.


Add Quality to your Commerce.
Lighting and cooling systems suitable for each business.


Invest in your Company.
Everything you need to increase the productivity of your Company.


Bring your project.
Ask about your project with true professionals.

Flores Organización
Green Energy

In our Green Energy Division, we are dedicated to providing solutions that do not affect the environment.

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Air Conditioner

We carry out the installation and maintenance of hot and cold equipment for your home, business or company.

We work with portable equipment without an outdoor unit, split air conditioners, cassette air conditioners and duct air conditioners.

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Electrical installations

for your home, shop or enterprise

We perform electrical installations under the best standards to ensure your safety and well-being.

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